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Paul J A

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We have an Esco ES50-65N power transfer switch.  It occasionally gets very noisy.  I spoke to Esco about and they recommended a new LPT50BRD.  

I was able to clean the contacts with some Hosa DeoxIT electrical contact cleaner and now it's working quieter.  

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As Vito mentioned, they are prone to humming because of the 120v AC coils. They are considered a very solid product, and if installed where the humming doesn’t bother you, are just fine.

There’s a lot of good discussion that recaps most of the info from the “old” Yahoo! Monacoers site regarding ATS units in the following thread:


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My original transfer switch was Esco ES50. I'm not sure if it was loose terminals or a problem with the contactors, but the insulation near the terminals showed obvious signs of getting hot at some point in the past, maybe before we bought the coach. The terminals were nice and tight when I discovered the burned insulation.

It seemed to be working fine, but I wanted to change the contactors just in case. I called Esco tech support and he said it could be a problem with the contactors, and they could sell me replacements, but the new ones could be pretty noisy. And like they told Vito, he recommended replacement with LPT50BRD. So I replaced it with LPT50BRD couple years ago.



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