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Aqua hot fuel leak fuel pump spring o ring

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Finally got around to addressing the fuel leak on my aqua hot fuel pump.  figured out it was the o ring seal on the thru shaft for the fuel pump.

has anyone ever replaced one of these. A new pump is upwards of $250.. this o ring can't be more than 10 bucs



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I have never seen that "special" fuel pump seal in any of their ripoff kits, hope you have better luck since you have it out and can compare. It looks similar to Magnafuel race pump seal but I don't have the dimensions of yours. I carry some spares sourced elsewhere, including the cheapo overpriced skateboard bearings but not this one.

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So many people have had to buy whole fuel pumps because of the leak. 

I contacted wabasco and no help they won't sell just the O rings and seals... lol but... I just found everything I need on grainger.  No need to buy a whole $400 pump.

Found the seals for $8.00



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