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Aqua hot ,heat exchanger fans

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Hello   Recently on a trip I turned my aqua hot on for heat ,the fan under the bedroom vanity made a noise like someone stuck a pencil in the blades and then went out.

 I am home now and pulled up the shelf in the vanity to expose the fans. My question is  is it usual for both fans to go out at the same time? Should I be looking for a blown fuse? Everything works fine as far as the Aqua Hot goes the heat exchanger gets hot just no fans working.

Thanks Tom.  2001 Executive 


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I suspect your AH is the same as ours, 100-02s. If so, there are zone fan relays and fuses under the cover where usual maintenance is done. Since the fans should be wired in parallel at the exchanger, double fan failure does not sound likely. I would go after a burnt fan fuse inside the box.but it is easy to check for voltage at the fans first, while you have them in sight.


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