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Front AC Fan Resistor Questions - Beaver Monterey


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Terry, If you can, please post pictures like Harry did.  It would held to know the model of the AC evaporator assembly.  My memory is a bit fuzzy, but I seem to recall posts on one of the forums a while back about the resistor block on some units being on the interior side of the firewall.  Pictures of your unit would really help.

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I believe mine is on the inside. I had the dash off and could see the unit but couldn't find the resistor. Put it back together and then traced the wiring from the rotary switch to the front of the firewall where it goes through. Has got to be under the dash on the passenger side. We have a couple of short trips planned then I will try that again. Thanks for the info.

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I have a failed speed control as well.  I suppose it is the resistor pack that is the problem.  The 3rd speed works.  However, the heater fan is terribly noisy.  The bearings must be failed.  I need to get to the fan and cannot see how to get to it to remove it and replace it.  I have removed the drawers that are on the passenger side of the dash and the cover for the AH blower at the bottom of the center console but can see no attachment points for the dash itself.  Has anyone accessed this fan on a 2005 Dynasty?  If so, I would sure appreciate some guidance.  I have looked for the resistor pack and have not been able to locate it either.  I looked around the AC evaporator on the outside firewall and didn't see any wiring that may have been attached to the resistors. I hate to destroy the dash and surrounds by trying to access the blower.

Bob R

2005 Dynasty Countess lll

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