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Bay door won’t open

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Do you have access from the other side, if so you may have to crawl through the basement to work on it. 

My doors swing up.  The small door on my drivers side did that, no access from in side.  I took careful measurements and drilled a hole from the bottom up to where the latch engages so I could us a screw drivers to push up on the latch to open the door. 

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33 minutes ago, BillDeb45 said:

Key works but door won’t budge. 

Sometimes I get this because I have the latches too tight (u-shaped threaded bracket on the chassis).  I have to bump the bottom the door while putting pressure on the latch to open.  This is from flexing of the frame while leveling.  If bumping doesn't work try releasing the jacks and trying again.

Keep us posted.

- bob


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57 minutes ago, BillDeb45 said:

Yes, they are electric. That’s what I meant by the key works. 

For clarification, are you saying the door does not physically open, or just that the electric locks do not unlock the bay door?  But the door will physically open when you use the key?  Please provide more detail on what exactly is happening?

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The guys are trying to help but you're making it difficult by not giving information.  

Which door is it?

Can you crawl through from the opposite side?

Like Jim J said above, you may have to resort to drilling form below & pushing the plunger up. 

You would need to eyeball another bay to plan where & the direction to drill. 

 It can be done.  Good luck

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I've had a problem with a couple of my doors.  After the first one wouldn't open with the key and/or the keyless entry I resorted to drilling the hole to get the door open.  I then drilled a hole for the other door.  Now I just have to use a screw driver to open if they are stuck.

If your electric actuator is bad they can be replaced, I believe Dr4film had a post recently on a replacement. 

I've also lubricated all the door mechanisms, I do this about every 2 years.  My doors have access panels on the inside of the doors, I know that some times Monaco didn't do this, probably a cost cutting measure.  If you don't have precut access panels you could buy them and install, the have several types at Lowes or you could use a circular hatch cover similar to what is used in the wet bays. 

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