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Sheppard to TRW swap

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After my Sheppard M100 steering gear began leaking on my 2002 Monaco Windsor 40PKDD,  I have been looking at a swap for the TRW. There is much about the subject on IRV2 Monaco forum. My Sheppard is a M100 PLG3/2. I contacted Weller Truck and was given a number for a TRW swap. Does anyone here have any experience with this swap. The PLG3/2 seems to be one that is not been swapped very often.




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I worked with a Weller service technician in Michigan who specializes in Sheppard to TRW box swaps. Then they shipped it to the Weller location in Tampa FL which then was delivered to Josam's who did the swap for me including a new pitman arm.

The project was done in June of 2017 to my previous 2002 Windsor.

Search the forum to find my posts on the subject.

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