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Dash blower only works on high setting


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Hello All

I purchased a 97 Monaco Executive this October.  The dash blower only works when I turn the dial to high.  I thought it was the HVAC controller on the dash so I purchased one off of ebay.  Anyhow, after installing it the blower still only works on high.  So I thought that it might be a relay but when I look at the blower box I can't seem to find one.  Obviously it could be the fan has gone bad but I thought I would try the easy stuff first.  Any suggestions?

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Most likely a resistor block, may look like the picture or similar but if you find it, you would only see the connector side. If you are lucky, it is on outside firewal with the windings inside the air flow path. Mine is under the dash somewhere but luckily still works.


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My 04 Executive it's located in the generator bay in the blower motor box against the firewall. After replacing the blower motor relay it was still doing the same thing. You're not going to want to hear what the fix is! Replacing the blower motor itself. What joy!!

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7 hours ago, waterskier_1 said:

If the blower runs on high speed, it is not the problem.  As mentioned above, it is very likely the resistor pack.  On my 97 Dynasty, it was located where Duey P said. 

  - Rick N 

Yes.  If there was a faulty relay down stream of the resistor pack, the blower would not work or it would be intermittent and blow at different speeds.  An upstream relay would do the same.  As long as the blower only has high, which means there is no “resistors” in the circuit to slow down the motor, it is 99.9% the resistor pack.

I say that as I had a 2008 Hummer blower fail on a long MH trip.  There was a bad connector (wiring plug) that the resistor pack plugged into.  Dealer replaced both as it was stupid not to put in a new pack.  The fan would work intermittently on all speeds, but more reliably on high.

Replace the Resistor pack.

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