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Replace Carpet Floors

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I just Bought a 2005 Holiday Rambler it has 4 Slides, Original Carpet but the carpet is showing tear and wear Wich is my best options to change this floor in the whole RV. I did look different options and I am confused. Vinyl Planks. Hard wood, tile, Linoleum, or come back to carpet.  Need help. 

We went to a floor distribution, and they said a 2mm glue no locking mechanism because the temperatures in the RV could be extreme in winter or hot summer. some of them can be up to 6mm. prices varies. I saw some you tube videos and is a lot of labor removing the carpet staples by thousands. the slides are even more difficult. open to Ideas.








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About  five years ago we went with a dark blue, very thick pile plush over the thickest, longest lasting padding;.. Should have gone with a medium dark brown; we thought a dark color would hide the dirt but it actually shows it up.. The whole job was done with a remnant (and no seams) from a carpet store who installed it. We have one slide. We did not do the narrow strip around the bed; this was a mistake. Have them bind the leftovers to use as throw rugs to minimize wear and tear in the busy spots. Would go this same route again.

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I replaced the flooring in my 2002 Windsor last year.  Two slides.  I had a section of bad floor in the front that I had to repair.  Luckily it didn't go under my ceramic tile.  I did the job myself, took my time and had my coach parked in my garage right next to my shop so it was convenient to work on.   I worked on it for ~1 month but part of that was waiting on the trim pieces. 

I installed the Pergo LVP sold at Lowes but they don't stock the trim pieces.  I think I spent ~$1600 total.  The trim was about 25% of the cost. 

Time will tell how it holds up, the first time I replaced the flooring it was in 2009 and lasted until 2021 when I found the soft spot.  Here's a post I did, a number of people provided advise and pictures of their installs so a bunch of ideas.  Towards the end of the post I show a picture of the bed box, the rollers underneath had started to chew it up pretty bad on the bottom.  Just something to check. 


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