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2006 Navigator slide out fluid check

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I just looked threw my manual 06 navigator and it doesn't really say how to check the oil. It just says keep it full up to the mark but didn't mention anything about having a slide out. I changed the oil in mine and checked it with all slides in. I would think if one slide was out it would over fill when you bring it in. 

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For all practical purposes, the slide cylinders are all “retracted” when in place,  if you have a Genny side….look at it.  It is small and doesn’t matter.

You check the level and top it off or get to to the full mark with the slides retracted.  If you do it with them extended, you get way too much fluid in.

your manual will or maybe will not say that, but Lippert says that in the manual.  Couldn’t copy, but here is the screen shot…..


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My manual also just says to keep it full with no further instructions.

A few years ago I had to replace the mechanism at the rear of the front passenger slide and figured I would remember all that stuff forever.   It sure seemed like those cylinders are extended when the slide is in.

 Thanks for the reply’s 

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