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New 10 button thermostat

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We have an 04 Dynasty  and had all 3 A/C units  replaced with Dometic Penquin 15k units. So after a few months the front unit is unresponsive to the thermostat. So after a little research, I read that your suppose to shut off the units by scrolling thru the mode button till you find "off". Anybody tell me do I need to replace the thermostat? Thank you 

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I assume you have the 42" Dynasty since you have three A/C units. 

Do you have a thermostat mid coach that controls the front A/C, and a thermostat in the bedroom that controls the middle and rear A/C units?

Or did the installer daisy chain an RJ11 phone cord from the front to the middle A/C and put them all on one thermostat?

Do you have any indications at all on the front thermostat?

Does your Aqua Hot or furnace operate on the front zone?

I would first try a thermostat reset.


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I do have a 42 Dynasty,  the front ac is controlled  by zone 1 only. Ther other 2 acs are controlled by thermostat in bedroom. They are not daisy chained.  The aquahot works off the front thermostat too. When thermostat is turned on it goes directly to fan only but indicates cooling, heat etc.

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Two issues.  Most likely there MAY be a “phone line” issue.  The old data cable has a phone plug…but it is NOT a phone line.  If the thermostat loses connection or there is a slight break in the fit of the phone lines, it will drive you crazy.  You will have ONLY one phone line connected…so, order a new connector from Amazon.  The same “phone cord” connector that folks use to add a longer cable will work.  Use a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol and clean the ends of the connector and the male terminals.  You can try to clean the contacts on the old connector.  Plug snd unplug it, firmly, a few times.  

NOW….download the Manual for your new thermostat.  There is a procedure to reboot or reset it.  In the old 5 button, you turned OFF the thermostat. Then held in the Zone and MODE buttons….turn on, while holding those two buttons.  That initiates a “circuit test”.  The thermostat then reads or does s handshake with the control module inside the unit.  The “lost touch” Or doesn’t work is common,  

OK???  If that didn’t work.  Remove the rear thermostat (has to be the NEW one).  Take it up front….and plug it in.  STILL have to reboot or reset.  

OK….NO JOY.  Take the rear thermostat and carry it directly to the unit,,,,where the phone connector is,  plug the thermostat directly into one of the two “dangling connectors”.  They are an IN and an OUT….they don’t care…they work either way.  Do the reset.  If that fixes it….there is a bad connector on the line on the thermostat end or inside the unit,  get a crimper or have someone put on a new one.  BUT….the order and  color coding has to be exactly what is on that end….important…

OK….if all fails, then you have a bad controller.  It is in the roof side.  It has the phone lines.  Also some other wires.  Replace it.

NOW, that assumes that you have GOOD AC WIRE NUT CONNECTIONS…..try or unscrew (power off…front AC breaker off) them snd retwist….


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So I think I found the reason the front A/C is not responding to the thermostat.  After reading exactly how the 10 button thermostat operates, I found that the " program" button mistakenly was pressed and would not allow me to choose a mode. After clearing both programs, it seems to respond fine. Thanks to all who helped me thru this...

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48 minutes ago, Paul J A said:

AS an upgrade or replacement in the future, please consider; https://www.microair.net/pages/easytouch-rv-thermostat-replacements-select-a-brand

The performance options are terrific. Bluetooth, etc. 

No argument that some folks like the additional features of the Mocroair.  However the installation of the Penguins and setting the control modules and such is critical.  If there are issues and the Penguins are improperly installed or there is an connection issue, then Tech Support is limited to “recheck your installation”.  Lippert can only trouble shoot a system, they said, that had the new 10 button thermostat.  Conversely, Microair told me that they could not trouble shoot a problem with the system not working as they do not “know how” the Lippert or Penguin controls work.  They said you must have a fully functional Penguin control circuit….that actually goes for the old (5 button) and the new 10 button CC2.

We have had posts where the Microair would not control a front unit….I believe it was a CC2….  Microair was going to ship out a new thermostat, which is good customer service.  However, the problem was not in the thermostat.  There was a faulty or defective control module.  The poster got help here and ended up swapping the control units.  That fixed the front….and obviously the rear would not work.  

Many here are well versed in the overall systems and do their own installations and understand how to resolve issues.  But, if the poster had had the entire Lippert unit, then the level of tech support would have been, I think, higher.

Just be aware of the potential and then purchase whatever meets your needs and/or skill level.

It is a pity the Microair cannot reverse engineer a thermostat that has a “switch” on the back….5 Button or 10 Button.  That would be great as you could install it and then use it and when the older CC data bus systems failed, it would be a slam dunk and you would not need to purchase a new $300 (?) or so thermostat.

But, tech support at Microair was not interested in passing that along….

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