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Domestic 1402 refrigerator

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I lost ac and batteries. When I got power back ac and battery power my refrigerator went to er 12. Check all fuses were good. The thing is my refrigerator and freezer are working good. WHY! I have not tried the propane to see if that works  will my propane work with the er 12 code  can’t really turn on propane because of the er 12 code blinking  is there a reset button for the dometic 1402  or is there something I can do to remove the code er 12  it may be just a reset I need  because I lost all power  should the refrigerator still work with er 12 code  any feedback will be great  

John 2009 Monaco Camelot kfq 



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Hello John,


Here are the details for Error Code 12:


“Er 12”: The fault is detected as an “open circuit” to the heating element for defrosting of the fresh food cooling flange. Possible faults:

• Blown fuse F6 (7.5 amp).

• Connector (P5) on the lower control board is disconnected.

• Loose wires in the harness connected to (P5).

• Wrong or loose connections in the inter-connection box inside the fresh food compartment.

• Blown overheating protection fuse in the heating element (heating element has to be replaced).

• Broken element (heating element has to be replaced) 


For more information, you can RTFM (Read The Fridge Manual 🙂


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I have only had a error code 13, and had to replace the defrost heat strip in the freezer. It was a PIA to get at!

Sorry, it was too long ago to recall whether the fridge kept running. All I remember is that er-13 flashing on the screen, rather than the temperatures!

Fridge is running well to this day! I installed a Fridge Defend, and one of their cooling fans on it a couple of years ago just for piece of mind!

Oh, one last thing..... The factory wasn't real careful installing these defrost ribbons!

The original freezer ribbon I had to replace had a pretty good kink in it, and you could see, that's where it failed!

You have to be real careful installing them strait..... that is if you can still source a replacement!

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  • Solution


Sort of throwing in my $0.05 (inflation adjusted....LOL) comment.  

First, I have an original copy of the "Internal" Dometic 1402 Service Manual...it was the DRAFT that a Dometic support tech gave me....way back in 2009.  They published it later, but "skinnied" it down.  EDIT I downloaded the Manual that @CAT Stephen provided the link for. I have not done a page by page comparison END OF EDIT.  I used THER ORIGINAL and it was original was very good and I have shared it.  Here is it.  @Frank McElroy, I did a search this morning.  The only hit I got on 1402 was the paper on the fire extinguisher....may have been mine....as I vaguely remember writing one.  This manual needs to be in the files. I will do a search and see if I can located the final version, but this one was really great and clear and I used it many times.

OK....back on point.

IF you have an error code and it did not clear, I do NOT think that pulling the power or disconnecting it will "resolve it".  MY RECOLLECTION...was that when the power was pulled and the Refer sat and all the "stored charges" on the PCB Control Board dissipated...like it would fresh out of the box, it will come on....and the "MODE" will be AUTOMATIC.  Thus, if the board reads or "senses" 120 VAC, then it reverts to AC as the heaters will take over.  BUT, NO AC, then it defaults to Propane.  You can change that option from the panel....but, I do NOT know if that change locks it in or when you totally power down and reset, what will happen.

Second.  ER 12 is the DEFROST HEATER FOR THE FRESH FOOD COOLING IS FAULTY. OK...The manual I got was "not the best resolution....but legible.  Photos are UGLY.  However, here is a quick "copy and paste" as to how to ADDRESS ER 12.


NOW...a WORD OF CAUTION....and this is the FLOGGING of a DECEASED EQUINE.  There are several "Defrost Heaters" as well as an Icemaker Melting coil on the Dometic.  ALL ARE TROUBLE SPOTS.  Even NEW, these "out of the box" heaters are merely toaster wires in a ceramic insulator.  Ceramic will absorb a WEE TINY amount of moisture....as they age or when new.  This moisture then compromised the "Dielectric" or INSULATING properties of the Ceramic.  SO, you can get a milliamp or maybe even a microamp leakage....and one would need a lab setup to probably measure and be a PhD in Electronics.  

BUT....what happens....is that the GFCI in your Camelot, UNLESS you have rewired and corrected Monaco's "Lack of Understanding" about False GFCI Issues....will, eventually....CAUSE YOUR GREIF.  BEEN THERE....DONE THAT.  I have a LOT of electronics practical experience...and we have many, a LOT, that are smarter than me.  BUT, I do know something about how a GFCI work...your HOME refigerator is NOT on a GFCI circuit.  Your MH Microwave is NOT on the GFCI circuit.  The NEC, when your MH was built, required for Residential or maybe said differently, "ALLOWED" a dedicated circuit for your HOME Microwave and a dedicated circuit for your HOME refrigerator.  I have seen inspectors "TURN DOWN" a new home because an overzealous electrician thought that he was doing the owner a favor and putting GFCI on BOTH.  The local inspectors typically look for this.  AND they, by the code then, would require that the GFCI Breaker(s) be removed and a conventional 15 Amp breaker installed.  

BOTTOM LINE...lets get your unit up and running and clear the error coded.  THEN Private Message me @Tom Cherry.  I will go over, as I have done for more than 50 owners, the simple an STILL SAFE method of putting the "Ice Maker" Receptacle on the PROPER, per CODE THEN, NON GFCI circuit.  All the "normal GFCI" outlets are STILL protected. It was either a cost savings or perhaps "stupidity" or maybe an overzealous engineer that drew up the circuit wrong.  SIMPLE 10 minute JOB.  No meters or such.  Skill set...  must be able to safely install or replace a home receptacle.

That's it.  Get the ER 12 resolved....then PM me and you should be good to go....


Combined Parts 1 & 2 Dometic DRAFT 1402 Service Manual.pdf NEW & Released Dometic-NDA1402-Service-Manual.pdf

Edited by Tom Cherry
Added the NEW and RELEASED Dometic 1402 Manual
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