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Specs For Spare Tire Rim on Holiday Rambler/Roadmaster Chassis

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Hi, I'm new here. I stumbled upon this group when trying to find specifics on what type of rim I need to get in order to mount a spare tire. I have a 2003 Holiday Rambler Imperial. According to the brochure, it is on a Roadmaster chassis. I am now learning more than I ever wanted to know about all of the various types of hubs and rims for tires. I need to get the exact hub opening and Lug Spacing,  Budd vs. Pilot. The known quantities are that it is for a 22.5 inch 295/80R/22.5 tire on an 8.25 wide rim. I currently have all aluminum rims on all 6 tires. This will be for a spare carried on a Roadmaster spare tire holder hitch. Most likely I'll go with a steel rim due to it being a spare to get me to the next major tire store and not be at the mercy of roadside assistance highway robbery pirates. BTW I found a deal at Camping World.

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OEM rim on my 2002 Windsor is a Accuride 29372

I got a new rim to carry a mounted spare in 2009 when we went to AK. 

I contacted Accuride and they did not make an exact replacement, the hole is a slightly different shape but you have to look closely to see the difference.  At the time he responded with this. 

"The equivalent wheel is 29644ANP for use as a spare. I have included a copy of our catalog page 10 for your
reference. We discussed Advanced Wheel Sales at 877.714.3741 and Mr. John Smythe."

At the time it cost me $265 delivered.


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Try https://www.accuridecorp.com/products/aluminum-wheels and put in the filters you need and check the load carry rating.  I don't know it you have a 15000 front axle but many of the common numbers are a 7300 or 7400 lb max.  The 40008 has a 8100 rating for a little bit of "max load weight cushion".  I don't know what appearance style yours came with but the "D" oval 40020 7650 lb wheel my Beaver built by Monaco is not made anymore.

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