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What color Tyron Bands stand off spacers?

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I would contact Tyron directly.  I purchased some in early 2018 at the gathering.  Mine were YELLOW.  I purchased some for Frank McElroy’s 2008 Dynasty.  MEMORY….a sometimes unreliable entity, says his were YELLOW.  But…I wouldn’t bet the farm or a an overpriced coffee at a local hot spot.

@Frank McElroy   Can you confirm the color?


Todd and Richard. Based on the less than professional installation of my bands by Lazy Days in 2010….but the very PROFESSIONAL reinstallation in 2012…..which was verified in 2018…..when the tires were changed again…..there are some critical installation requirements.

FIRST… Lazy Days. Either did NOT properly seat the spacers when new (they come bare…installer puts in spacers) or did not torque the bands correctly.  When we removed the tires in 2012 for new ones, the bands had “walked” or slipped and BOTH were on the outer edge of the wheel well.  Probably OK….maybe NOT.

The correct position is CENTERED within the INNER well.

SECOND.  I actually did the install of the bands at the tire shop in 2012.  I used a rubber mallet and “pounded” or seated the spacers in securely.  I centered the bands (using the Tyron install tool to compress the tire). I then torqued the bolt properly.  Somewhere in my notes….there is a torque value…Tyron has it.  They don’t “torque”, but have a drill set to the right “setting”.  Words directly from the shop installer at Tyron.

THIRD.  We pulled off the tires in 2018 and replaced them.  The bands were PERFECT.  They were centered.  I replaced…a NECESSITY…the bolt assembly…Tyron sells these….and put in NEW spacers.  Same deal.  I pounded them….twice….to gst the barbs seated….then verified no gaps before i began to tighten.  So, I personally know, from being in the shop both times, that what I did in 2012 WORKED….and I followed the same protocols in 2018.  I did have to “guess” at the torque, but I had a pretty good idea based on an old mechanics rule of thumb.

That’s my contribution….replace BOTH the SPACERS and the HARDWARE and torque the bolt properly.

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My notes from a past Monacoers Gathering is that the torque for the Tyron bolts is 10-12 FT/LBs.

The bands that are now in my 2006 Dynasty are yellow and the wheels are 22.5 inch Coated Accuride.

Josam's installed the bands last year when I had new TOYO steer tires installed.

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Tom good idea on seating the spacers with a mallet while tighting to spec. Tyron doesn’t want to support any used purchased bands. LD doesn’t return phone calls after many attempts even after saying they will check on getting hdwr and get back to you. 

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On 12/5/2023 at 10:57 AM, tmw188 said:

Tom good idea on seating the spacers with a mallet while tighting to spec. Tyron doesn’t want to support any used purchased bands. LD doesn’t return phone calls after many attempts even after saying they will check on getting hdwr and get back to you. 

This post is a follow-up to several offline conversations and emails and research regarding used Tyron bands and knockoff parts. David Pratt contacted Chuck and the following is a summary of their conversations.

  • Chuck Thatcher has been the Tyron US Rep for many years. I became aware of Tyron Bands from the Yahoo site and purchased a pair from him in 2010 and Lazy Days installed them. 
  • Chuck later purchased or became the North American Distributor for Tyron Bands. Tryon bands are used on many applications such as emergency vehicles, private aircraft, Dept of Defense vehicles, etc.  Motor homes are not the single use.
  • Typically, during Chuck's presentations at our Gatherings, he makes it very clear, that because of the Liability and the Legal exposure to his Company as well as himself and Tyron, that Tyron USA will not Warrantee, Support or Sell Kits or Replacement hardware to anyone who purchased a set of bands that were new or used that were NOT purchased through one of Tyron USA's distributors or an authorized dealer.
  • There have been many discussions about this and in many cases, exceptions were made when the "lineage" of a set of bands could be determined. Over the years, there have been revisions so just saying "It is a Tyron" without specific information makes it impossible to determine what is needed.
  • If you are the Original Purchaser of the TYRON Bands you will always have the support of TYRON Bands. If you sell your coach and leave the Bands installed on the coach you can contact Chuck and Transfer the ownership of the bands to the new owner. This transfer is only good as long as the bands were still installed on the wheels of the coach and not if they were removed and sold as used.
  • If you purchase a set of bands from him or one of his Distributors and cannot get them installed by that distributor you must call him and he will give you a list of Authorized Distributors close to you for installation of the bands.
  • Chuck travels to each company that wants to become a Distributor and personally does the training for the installation of the Bands before he will except them as an Authorized Dealer for TYRON Bands.

As a follow-up, a  background check run on a potential supplier of Tyron Bands and Hardware. It is believed that he advertises or is also on IRV2.


This individual is supposedly an ex employee of  one of Tyron's certified dealers.  Based on the information provided by Tyron USA, YES, he WAS a lower level tire installer and he was terminated several years ago for "Just Cause".  This individual is now the owner of Blue Chip. In phone calls, he also advises that he purchased the excess or perhaps surplus inventory from the dealer and is selling then at much lower cost and ALL are ORIGINAL TYRON COMPONENTS.

However, the pictures on the website are DEFINITELY not the install kits that are currently the latest version, so they are NOT Original Tyron. After some additional phone calls and research, this is the situation. Several of the pictures are also "lifted" artwork and there is no indication that the install kits are approved Tyron or Tyron USA.

Monacoer's is posting a formal NOTICE that Blue Chip is NOT an authorized dealer

  • Tyron USA had contacted him in the past and asked that he not sell the parts as their authenticity could not be verified. The response was less than professional
  • Tyron USA is taking legal action in the form a "Cease and Desist" order to prevent any advertising or use of the "NAME" Tyron.
  • There is a concern, especially, with the spacers, that if they are knockoff's, that the proper durometer, thermal properties, wear, etc. are substandard. The spacers are critical to the function of the band in that they provide the "friction" fit to the inner well to keep the bands centered.





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