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Entrance Door Control Issues and Fixes - General Discussion

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It drives me bananas when wind coming from the coach rear catches the front door and slams the door open.  The door stops when the top limit steel "elbow" bar is fully extended, creating a hard and boisterous stop.

There is no cushion, no control.  I'm fearing that one day there will be some bad news damage.

Does anyone have a solution?

- Jeff


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Here are two different topics on the scissors issues.  The problem is that the rivet used is too soft.  We had a member that used to fix them.  Did a lot and folks were pleased.  

Then he moved on.  There is a gentleman, may be no longer doing this, in Tennessee and he fixed mine at least 10 years ago and we used our MH quite a bit.  The first topic may be a repeat of this one...but it is a year old.

The second one has way more information and also the contact info for the gentleman who knows HOW to fix...


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This new topic was similar to a recent ongoing topic and has been been merged.


So many of the contact points on my SS Entry Door Hinge - Swing Arm Assembly/scissor hinge, were worn I decided rather than attempt the countersunk rivet replacement procedure detailed in Downloads Section, to just replace the entire assembly.  Veurink's RV Center still sells them.. $238 for my model.  Replacing the 3/16" blind rivets on top of the door was easy, I used SS rivets for replacement.  As anticipated, the #8 countersunk tek screws attaching to the upper door frame were rusted and I broke 2 out of 6.  Lucky me, the replacement assembly has 2 screw holes in a different location so I was able to abandon the broke screws and drill in new.  I used SS countersunk tek screws to replace all 6.

Tight and crisp snapping in the open position like it was 2002 again!

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