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Middle interior entry step storage box

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I would be interested if anyone has built a replacement box.  The plastic rim is breaking up on mine, still functional, however, would be nice to devise a replacement.  

I have a fairly well stocked shop, however I dont have a metal shear, brake or other equipment to properly form stainless sheets.  Would love to make one from stainless.

Anyone have any ideas?



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I’m a retired sheet metal worker & fabricator. I don’t think you need to go with SS. I would consider 26 or no heavier than 24ga galv. Spray the outside with under coating once you know it fits the way you want it. Go to any HVAC shop see if they will make it. I would maybe go with a Pittsburg Lock seam to make it almost water tight except in the corners that the undercoating would seal. DO NOT try to measure to close. Allow for growth tell the shop what you’re trying to make. I would knock off at least3/8” both ways. Good luck. 

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