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Power slide out tray

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I believe there is a limit switch along the track. Had to manually operate mine to get it to close. Had the tray extended out and shut off the battery disconnect switch. After turning on the battery disconnect switch, would not work until I activated the switch manually, having someone pressing the power switch at the same time. If you attempt this, be careful you don’t get your fingers caught up in mechanism. Hope this helps.

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I posted the first part of the week about the power slide out tray not working.     No power to the motor or to the switch.   I have looked all over to try to find a fuse but no luck.     Does any one have a clue where one might be?  I’ve tested all the fuses in the back closet, looked at all of the ones on the outside  under the driver and still can not locate one.    
2008 holiday rambler 43 imperial

mike phillips


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10 hours ago, Mike T Phillips said:

Yes I have several times.      I think it may be a fuse but can’t seam to locate it


You need to download these prints. Your 2008 Imperial is a TWIN to the Dynasty (and for the most part...all the HR Imperials and Monaco Dynastys and ABOVE ALL had the SAME BASIC Electrical system).  Print 38071105 shows the 5 amp fuse in the FRB.  That appears to be the CONTROL circuit.  There is a 25 A fuse in the RRB.  Those are the ONLY two fuses on the print.  You need to locate them...test of even simpler....REPLACE and see if that resolves the issue. I have attached the print...

Here is the FILE that has the drawings. FIRST you go to the INDEX and figure out WHAT IS IT THAT IS "NOT WORKING"... The Index says Entry Step.  Then scan over to the RIGHT. If there was something that was floor plan specific, then the numbers will be different.  BUT, in this case...the Entry Step was the same....for the Dynasty, Executive, Navigator, Imperial and Patriot Thunder. That USAGE is near the title block on the lower right corner.  As I said....most are....

Once you get the drawing number, scroll down through the print list (numerical by Print Number) and Click on it and then use it. That's the drill.  You gotta use the resources....

NOW, when you click on this link....there are TWO WAYS to download. The one on the RIGHT will take you to a list of the 200 Plus files.....which are numerical. You would have to download every print....or if you only need ONE then you would choose it....but the NEXT or Easiest way is below.

There is ALSO a note that says....YOU WANT IT ALL....Use the Link Below.  That is the one that you WANT to use. The first sheets will be the INDEX that Monaco included....so you can read the titles and then get the print number. You will ALSO have all the 200 Plus prints...

Have at it and let us know...



38071105 (Schematic, Entry Step, SCS).pdf

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OK....got curious this morning. I went through the names of the prints. I then homed in and found the details for the front and rear and located the fuses. You will need to be able to do this, otherwise....folks have decided they need a new hobby...  LOL.

Print 38050052 has the FUSES.  Look on FUSE 9A.  There is the 5 Amp Fuse.

Print 38040611 also has the fuses.  If you blow it up in Adobe and look to the middle far right, there is a TS box (Terminal Strip).  That is next to the Big Boy Solenoid.  There is a FUSE (R4 Board) panel to the RIGHT of TS.  I did a blow up of it and printed it.  The bottom fuse is the 25A STEP fuse.

This is the drill.  Also please read your manual. Use the Index for Fuses and also look at the descriptions for the various diagrams. The Rear run detail (Print 38040611) is there as well as describing NOW the front Entry Step works.

I keep a downloaded copy of a few manual to help folks.  If you download your manual from here,


Then you use the ADOBE TOOLS and use the FIND function. I used STEP and FUSE and found a lot quickly without having to pour over it. I do that often for my Camelot and carry my laptop when I travel.

That's it.  Those are the two fuses. Let us know....



38050052 (Detail, Labels, Front Run Box).pdf 38040611 (Detail, Run Box, Rear).pdf 38040611 BLOW UP Detail, Run Box, Rear).pdf

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i checked both the 5 amp fuse on 9A and it was good  and the 25 amp on R4 was good also    
i replaced the 25 amp on R4 and it started slide out tray started working again.  I put the fuse in another spot and it worked        The only thing I can assume is it had a bad connection    
thanks so much for your help     I’ve been chasing this problem for three days


this group has been wonderful in helping

Mike Phillips


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