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2005 Dynasty - Can't get bay lights to turn off

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2005 Monaco Dynasty  Diamond-  my bay lights will not turn off.  I have tried pulling the fuse in the front

bay labeled "bay lights".  They stay on.  I have tried pulling the switch that is just inside entry door and

completely unplugging it.   The lights will simply not go off.   Before I have to go in and pull all 6 of the 

bulbs, I am hoping that someone else might have dealt with this issue.   We are plugged into power

at our winter CG for now, so it is not draining by batteries, but when we return home, our storage has

no power plug.  I usually use both cutoff switches (house and chassis) to prevent battery drain, but this

issue is driving me nuts.  Maybe there is a 3-way circuit and another switch is 'on' in the coach, but

for the life of me, I can't find it.

Not even sure if this is the correct way to ask this question, so please humor me if I messed this up.


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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to 2005 Dynasty - Can't get bay lights to turn off

Most, but not all, of the “bay” lights had individual switches on the top or side.  Check for those.  Turn them off there or attempt to.

How long have you owned the MH?  IF recently acquired, then one never knows what a tech or a previous owner (called PO) might have done.

Assume you have the owners manual.  You need to see HOW the circuit works.  It MIGHT be that the front switch is a “ground switch” connection.  Find the bay circuit and see if there is a secondary switch. Check out how the switch is wired, or should be.

There were some 2005 with the Intellitec MPX.  Take a picture of the bay light switch and also any “gang” or cluster of inside light switches. That will indentify whether standard or MPX system.

If someone added a “sneak” switch or power circuit that is always “hot” and downstream of the single switch, then disconnecting the batteries and using a “tone generator” to sniff out a spliced in “hot” wire might be the best or maybe the only solution.  

NOW….a backdoor method.  IF the positive is switched….then when you pull the “output” of the bay switch, you should,be able to measure 12 VDC to ground.  If so, hook up a meter using alligator clips.  Pull every fuse….one has to be the source….or maybe someone just ran a straight unfused line.  

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I have a 09 holiday rambler navigator whose bay lights and porch lights are also always on. They turn on with full brightness when I switch them on but stay on dim when they the switch is off. I had replaced then all with LED lights bulbs and I just assumed that there is some very low voltage leaking by that is enough to keep the LED light lit.  Has anyone else had this problem after installing LED?

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Thanks for all the info folks.  None of my lights are individually switched, that was one of the first things I looked for on day one.

I think I'll have to use a sniffer as suggested.    I'll be in great shape if I can find the original wiring diagram for that circuit. 

Might just be a NO relay that has stuck in the closed position.

If I find the solution, I will sure post it for others that may someday have this issue.       

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I took one of the LED out and put the old filament bulb in that spot and it stopped the rest of the LED from being dim. Make me think that the CCM is sending low voltage into the light to tell the computer if the lights are burnt out or not. The LED tail lights of my two trailer are also on dim. Does anyone know if there is low voltage always running through the lights?

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