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Looking for opinions on paint quote

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Hi Everyone,

Over the past year the clear coat on my coach has started pealing off in a big way in a couple places.  The areas which need repainting is the front, an area on the side just behind the back bedroom window, an area on the upper part of the back cap behind the ladder and lastly a corner of a slide.  The only area that will require more work is the one behind the bedroom window, the fiberglass is actually cracked pretty good there and protruding somewhat.


The quote I was given to do all the work is almost $27k, just to paint the front cap alone would be almost $12k.  I thought this price was crazy and it goes without saying that I'm getting other estimates, it's just not that easy to find good shops to do the work where I live in Canada but I also wanted to see what others had to say about this price.

Mike B

01 Dynasty

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Try this place. I have seen his work before and it is phenomenal. No idea what his prices are like now but he used to be very reasonable and well under everyone else's.

He has painted several of our customers coaches and they came out amazing. Very high quality paint work. He can do all new designs and colors as well. Here is some of his work:


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