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What are they called?

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I’ve seen these flat looking pieces of equipment that are attached above the slide-out topper that kinda “sweeps” the material clean of leaves, twigs, thick mud or dirt and other debris as the slide & topper is retracted back in to the coach. It then folds over the slide topper ensemble.  It appears to come in aluminum color or black plastic or metal  Does anyone know what these are called?





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Yes they are called True Toppers. I had my two slides done in OR but they have places in the mid-west that do them also. No I'm not affiliated with them, I just like their product.



True Topper install Picture.webp

True Toppers 2.jpg

True Toppers.jpg

5 hours ago, tmw188 said:

TRUE TOPPER,  I think they must cut that top frame off for them to adapt would be my guess. 

They cut off most of the top Flange and build a ramp behind it.

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