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Replacement gauges - technical info on install or calibrate or wiring mods required.

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I am wanting to swap my dash gauges but I can not find any details on the ohms rating. The fuel gauge was a snap seem to be a standard. Volts of course was easy. But now I am working on the water temperature gauge. I put the new one in and it’s at 139 should be about 90 air temp. Have not started on the oil pressure or transmission temp yet. 

Boost should not be an issue as it’s a vacuum line and air is also pressure lines.

I have replacement senders but also don’t know where Monaco installed the senders that go to the dash.

I have heard of putting resistors or potentiometers in line to adjust the gauges but I am not familiar with doing so.

I have a 2000 executive with the ism 500.

Any help would be appreciated.


I am also working on my j1708 data bus works fine from the engine compartment but the dash port and triptek are bad. Part of the reason I am working on this.

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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to Replacement gauges - technical info on install or calibrate or wiring mods required.

Yes, I confirmed power and can actually see data on the network with a multimeter, but I think there is a bunch of noise on the bus causing the Bluefire to not read.


It worked on my last trip to CA but not back.


My rig is in the shop right now doing a valve adjustment once that's done, I plan on digging in more. Was looking at running new wires back to from but that stuff is $$



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1 hour ago, Biljol said:

Does anyone know where the water temp sensor is at the one on the front of the engine “back for our coaches” does not run my gauge

 My 95 Dynasty's 8.3L has the coolant temp sensor on a manifold arrangement mounted to the cylinder head on the transmission end of the engine. I too would like to know what the factory sender ohms are, my original was open, read 0 all the time, replaced it and now the gauge runs +30* higher than a temp gun reads the thermostat housing. which reads approx. 180*.

Don't suppose we can find a mechanical gauge with a 40ft capillary tube?

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Accordingto my manual, a temp sender for my dash gauge with ISM is in  the following picture.  However, that number does not exist.  I suppose it is either 323-098 or 323-099 and should be engraved on it but I am not removing it until/if necessary, it is well below coolant level and in a miserable place, picture with turbo removed.

Screenshot_20240710_140340_Samsung Notes.jpg


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Well that would really suck ----- and I see one item does the temp and the warning light. my new sender does not.


Is this a situation that the sender cannot be removed unless the turbo is removed? Maybe there is a different spot it can go?

What filter is that below it on the right hand side --- at least it looks like a filter? 

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Ok thanks. I did not even know there was a coolant filter. I am new to this big diesel stuff. Luckily I have others doing this work.

It is currently getting the top rocker , coolant replacement, oil change, transmission service, airbag adjustment and a replacement steering box. Thought if I was going to fix the dash now was the time. The replacement senders don’t have the idiot light side but I believe a good gauge is better than a light that might not even work anymore.

We are taking a trip from Phx to WDW if we take I 10 back I need to stop and buy you a beverage..

I still need to figure out the j1708 can buss issue. Was planning on running new wire from the back to front but that wire is pricey. 

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