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Our "easy to clean padded vinyl" Kitchen ceiling has dropped approx. 2" down from the aluminum I Beam frame, approx. 3 ' from the side wall. I removed a ceiling speaker and reached in. I can feel the I beam with my hand. I have not felt any fastener, nor bead of glue that has failed. Not sure how to reattach the ceiling to the I beam. Can the transition strip  between ceiling pieces be removed? Are the ceiling sections glued or screwed to the I beam framing? Any suggestions very welcomed! Thanks!

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On 7/13/2024 at 5:30 PM, Bill R said:

Jim - Pictures would be helpful for others to respond.

Bill, Thanks for the suggestion! I took 5 pictures and uploaded them. I also measured the distance of the ceiling bow. It is 1.5" down from the aluminum frame. I am still baffled what holds the ceiling up. The ceiling has no curvature to it. While the large light fixtures are screwed into the aluminum roof frame, the smaller puck lights and the stereo speakers are not. 






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Jim, thank you for the pictures.  That does not look good, and as some have suggested, you should use a camera scope to see more of what is going on and what may have caused this.  Sorry I can not offer any advice as I do not know exactly how the interior ceiling is affixed to the roof structure.  Best of luck troubleshooting.

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