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Carling switch


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Can anyone tell me the specs for the ATC switch for my 2007 Dynasty Squire.  The switch is located on the Driver Side console and has a separate amber LED indicator light.  It is a momentary switch and has no ID # that I can find.   I checked its operation with an ohm meter.  Terminals 7 & 8 appear to be connected in both switch positions which strikes me as odd.  Terminals 3 & 4 are open in the normal position and connected when the switch is put in the momentary position.  Terminals 7 & 8 are never connected to terminals 3 & 4.

Any help is appreciated.

John B

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Thank you.  NWRV supply web site does have my switch but does not have the "on-off" specs.  According to the Carling web site the V2D1 switch is manufactured to  many different internal configurations including what I have.  I will call NWRV when they open at 9 PST.

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I found the part # V2D1.  It has 4 terminals  (2,3,7,8)  Grounds are connected to #3 & 7.  One of the two wires on #2 goes to the amber LED lamp.  Two of the 3 wires on #8 are for the daisy chained switch backlights.    Not sure about the third wire.  After thinking about it, the fact that 7 & 8 are an "on-on" configuration makes sense to keep the backlights on.

I am now assuming that the switch is OK and my problems lie elsewhere.

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