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Head light and trail light upgrade

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First things first. Do you intend to modify your coach or are you looking for something that will fit as a plug and play? There are number embossed on the lenses themselves. Take down those numbers and do an internet search. Once you've determined what Monaco used for your coach, then you can begin your search. For instance, my coach has 2005 Dodge RAM headlamps but a 2004 Lincoln Navigator tail lights. Mine were made by TYC who no longer makes the tail lights meaning I had to use another brand and modify the holes they fit into. The head lights fit perfectly....someone with your year and model might chime in an save you some trouble....Dennis


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Hi all!  I ordered up a set of stock headlight housings to replace mine (they're yellowed).  Anyone taken the headlight housings out? Was assuming I'd just look in from the front and see the mounting screws but not so much.  Would love any guidance.  Just need to remove and replace.

2002 Diplomat 40DST.

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Mine has the bmw lights, but I would assume they have similar mountings. Once I crawled up in there the attachments are pretty kludgy, but fairly intuitive. Mine just have some aluminum straps that go around the back of the light and hold it up in the aperture.

I wish I had those van lights... I bet they are a much better fit for this application than the bmw housings.


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