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Getting rid of ladder

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Hey guys, a little help. I have my 07 Diplomat  2 piece outside ladder that was in storage and now boxed and ready to ship due to a possible sale which fell through because of shipping costs.  The ladder is $200 plus to ship Simi Valley CA to Colorado and too steep for the buyer. If there is a way of getting it there cheaper or can anyone suggest a place to advertise it to dispose of because I no longer have a place to store it.  Any help would be appreciated. TIA


Everyone stay safe and have a great holiday. 

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I  have recently had an issue with my upper section of my ladder coming loose from the rear cap. Not really sure if I need the hole ladder though. Is $200 a firm price and does it include all mounting hardware? I am currently in Desert Hot Springs, Ca.

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I could use the lower piece as I lost mine.....do not ask how.  Anyway I think someone said they only needed the upper fixed portion.  If having someone buy the lower portion could help with your cost.  Let me know.

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2 minutes ago, DavidL said:


I have a lower ladder section similar to the one in the pic on craigslist.  Not sure what shipping would be, but the price is right.


How do you want to do this?  That appears to be exactly what I need.  


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