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2004 HR Endvr. 40PRT front wheel hub cap

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Got mine on eBay with flying “R” decal.

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I have a 2012 Diplomat and I checked with REV and I thinking they wanted about $25 for one.  I thought the price was way too high so I started looking online and could not find an exact fit.  I finally made a cardboard template of the notch alignment and ended up buying a 6 notch “universal” and used my Drexel tool to modify one of the notches to make it fi.  $6.95 at almost any truck stop.  I also used some silicone adhesive to help hold it in place.  

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I think I paid $20-$25 for the pair for my '02 Monaco Windsor Regular greased hubs.  A company called Fleet Pride, pretty sure it's a national company.  They have many Chassis parts and good prices too.  Just replaced $15 air tank sending unit, other folks were $30.  Also, they will usually take the time to answer questions about axles, brakes, tires and most other big truck chassis systems.  I bought parts from them to change front hubs from grease to liquid gear lube.  Just haven't done them yet.   

Greg B.

'02 40' Windsor 

'03 Honda Odyssey toad


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