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HWH Auto Leveling

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Our coach has the above leveling system with the no jack option. It's been flawless so far. This morning I had a weird experience though. When I tried to place it into "Travel" mode, it wouldn't take. The red light flashed once then went out.  The front air gauge also would not function. I fiddled around with the air gauge thinking there may be a loose wire of something and nothing jumped out at me. I tried the travel mode again and it flashed and then switched to green. I also noticed the air gauge was functioning again. The coach did air up and we continued on our trip. There was no malfunction during our travels. This morning I had the same experience. identical to the previous one. My question is has anyone else experienced this? I'm thinking maybe the circuit board on the HWH is failing and in need of replacement. I wasn't able to contact HWH today but I'll probably try again tomorrow. We are settled for the night and praying it doesn't repeat tomorrow. Any input is appreciated......Dennis

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I've had the same thing happen.  It's usually because the air tank has not pumped up all the way and/or the suspension is completely aired down.  I touch Cancel, wait a minute and touch Travel again and all is well.

And, I've had the touch panel and the leveling computer updated.    

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Thanks Vito. The only thing that bothers me is the front air gauge doesn't appear to work when the leveling system is engaged. The rear shows airing up but the front gauge acts like it wants to work but 'clicks' without showing pressure. After I let the coach fast idle for a few minutes and press the travel switch, the green light comes on and the front air pressure gauge works. That's got me scratching my head. I'm good at mechanical stuff but air and computer stuff, I'm an idiot....Dennis

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I had trouble with my front air gage on my sig. it started slowly not coming up to pressure then after a few months of only showing a few lbs finally quit. Paul Whittle recommended a gage on eBay and it works fine. Black bezel instead of gold but I can live with that.

I had the same leveling issues you are having and with Randy’s help at HWH went through the trouble shooting looking for fuses in several controll box’s and finally replaced the control button panel and all was good instantly.

good luck

My coach front tank always aired up, the gage just didn’t work. Paul Whittle said don’t bother trying to move back gage to front to try. Different animal’s completely. I drove for about a year without the gage working. Always bothered me but no issues.


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The gauges are driven from the Faria Beede Gateway. The gauges in the dash run off a Faria Beede CANbus and interpret the data that the gateway and the main panel in the dash tell it to display based on what each gauge is programmed to display.

I have a flaky front air pressure gauge as well as the fuel gauge in the tachometer. They do not always start up normally. You can tell because the light in the gauge does not come on and the needle does not move. Sometimes you can hear them trying to start up. It seems more prone to error in colder weather.

The HWH system has two low pressure gauges in each six pack. They tell the HWH system when to stop dumping and when there is enough air in the system for travel mode.

If they fail closed, the system thinks there is no air so will not dump and will not stay in travel mode.

if this happens, you can unplug the sensor to make it think there is enough air.


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Thanks Paul, both of you, and Vito. All seems to be working ok now. I purged all the air yesterday and it worked this morning. We're stopped for the day and trust they'll work correctly tomorrow. Problem is we had a family situation and couldn't travel last year so the coach sat for the entire year. Now that we're traveling again the gremlins are showing their displeasure of not being mobile.....Dennis

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The front and rear Faria gauges are available on eBay.    




Like Paul, I have a flaky fuel gauge on the multifunction Tach-Fuel-Voltage gauge.  I just looked at the diagram in the Owners Manual and the positioning is flipped from the way it is on my dash ... but everything else looks correct.  Could it also be that the connectors are plugged in the wrong way?






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