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HWH no response

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Waiting for a callback from HWH but thought I would ask the collective knowledge. 2004 Dynasty with air level only. HWH keypad has power. When pressing the air button twice it shows front and drivers side low and in a matter of seconds shows ride height even though it is not in ride height. No manual controls(dump, raise any up or down controls) work at all.  Both air tanks are full. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Have checked the cable to the pad 

Have reset the pad 

Have checked all fuses in the control box 



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You can contact Paul at AZPETE. He works for HWH and can answer your questions. His email ispfmaddox@att.net and his phone number is 602-549-3638.    

Sounds like your leveling sensor may need adjustment.  See this link for replacing and adjusting the leveling sensor.


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I had my portion of weird HWH air leveling behaviour and every time it was due to the touch pad cable connection on either of it's ends until I stopped it from shaking out. One time it was switching to leveling while driving and that wasn't a good feeling but I doubt it was actually doing it. That stopped after replacing all the push buttons on the 'touch' pad' board.

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My 04 Dynasty started to lean to the right in travel mode. After a lengthy phone call to HWH, the tech walked me through some diagnostics. Turned out, it needed a " travel mode" sensor...bought 2, replaced myself,  and good to go. HWH was very helpful but don't wait for them to call. Call again! Had some friends who made an appointment while in Iowa. 5 star service he said!

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