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Exterior TV Insert Install


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I would really like to add an exterior TV to our Class A Monaco Camelot. I have only seen one place to purchase this entire inserted system. Girard and they give you no dimensions, pricing etc.. Anyone have any experience or installed one of these units in the Coach? Also looking for dimensions since I am told they sell 2 systems! One a 60" TV and 40" TV?


thanks to all!



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Th e process of finding an area in the sidewall to install that is my primary concern. You will have to determine where the bracing is.   Depending on the age of your coach, you may be able to talk to someone at REV in Engineering and see if they can locate a drawing of your side wall. Or, if they had a drawing showing that location they would use, if that was an option on your coach.  

I think the bracing is aluminum, so a devise for measuring density may not work. Below are 3  pictures of what we did in our 07 Executive back in 2006.

20007 Exec Exterior 014.JPG

20007 Exec Exterior 015.JPG

20007 Exec Exterior 017.JPG

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  To locate the bracing in the walls go out in the morning  when the temp and humidity it just right you can plainly see where each metal brace is .  Take a picture it      won't last long  .

  The idea of cutting a hole in the wall scares me I wouldn't do I .    I would mount it in a bay like Paul and others have done .

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I talked to Girard today and was sent some pictures of installation! Great idea and prefer the option of installing on side wall. There is an electric screw motor that opens and closes the cover, water tight etc. The opt ions are a 43" size tv insert and a 60'. Chuck the salesman worked for Monaco back in the day and pattened this product. The product is really sweet looking! Sizes of the outside of hole needed to fit tv box is 45 3/4 is the left to right hole - 29 1/2 is top to bottom size - 2 inches deep clearance beyond the wall.  I have a number of pictures attached and short video to view! 










RV installation pics (2).JPG

RV installation pics (3).JPG

RV installation pics (4).JPG

RV installation pics (5).JPG

RV installation pics (6).JPG

RV installation pics (7).JPG

RV installation pics (8).JPG

RV installation pics (1).JPG

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 That is a sweet looking installation  I didn't realize you were going to install it in a slide .

 Installing in a slide would not weaken the wall of the coach itself and I don't suppose the slide lends much if any

 to the overall coach integrity 






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The main rep for Girard that I talked to worked for Monaco back in the day. He supplied quite a few pictures of the install and also the renovator company I use who has already updated my 2006 Moncao Camelot sent me of a few they previously have done! It is an awesome option, we tailgate frequently and the idea of pushing a button to view is ideal for myself. Especially since one item on our bucket list is to tailgate the SEC conference!! 

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Total install cost & paint was $3600! Best upgrade to date w 43” tv & touch of a button on remote to open & close!! 

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It looks very nice and clean like if it came from factory. Personal preference but for me the height of typical OEM-like installation is too high for a camping chair. Try it first. Ours is behind the basement door and installation cost near nothing. Wiring was already in place, courtesy of Monaco. This way our neighbors across the country can't so readily complain about our news station preferences. Tailgating will of coarse be a totally different situation with a larger audience.

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Basically previously had same and survived like that for last couple of years. Had TV mounted on slide, also used TV on side wall with suction cup! It used up space of storage area, was additional work to store and required unplugging and putting back into storage. Utilized precious storage space plus added additional work to set up and also tear down besides using the storage space. The mounted TV is tilted down to allow for great viewing, help eliminate direct shadows or reflection and also push of a button it works and stored! To each their own but the expense to me certainly makes me a happy guy and still looks as if it was factory. Not manufactured in garage. To each their own! Happy Holiday! 

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