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BlueFire in 96 M Windsor 36'

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96 Monaco Windsor 8.3L Cummins
Trying to use BlueFire sensor 
Found an OBD (not 2) connector. On right side of steering column a 12 pin rectangle on 4 pins connected.
Purchased an OBD to OVD2 adapter cable
Purchased a OBD2 to green 9pin diagnostic to accept BlueFire sensor. 

Doesn't work. No blue light on sensor. 
Any ideas on where to dig in appreciated. 



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Did BlueFire claim that it would work on your 1996 8.3 Cummins engine?

According to their website it only works on heavy duty vehicles with a round 6 or 9 port or light duty OBDII port equipped vehicles.

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OBD2 is for gas vehicles post 1996.

That connector looks like obd1

You can find adapters to connect the plugs together, but that does not mean the scan tool can talk to the protocol of your vehicle.

Contact bluefire to see if your engine / obd1 is supported.  if not, sell it.


The protocol is the "language" the vehicle and scan tool communicates with.  You can "hear" someone who speaks Latin, but that doesn't mean you can understand what they are saying.


The vehicle, the connector, the scan tool, the software all need to be compatible with each other.

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I dont know ANYTHING about blufire however if your trying to connect to your OBD2 an nothing is powering up then test your plug 4&5 are ground an & 16 is your power, start checking for power an grounds, cause that is what powers up ALL scan tools.


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