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Monaco, HR, Beaver, and Safari Diesel Pushers with a bath and a half...

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I'm quite happy with my current coach and still working to improve it, but always thinking about what would I get next *if* something happened...

I'm trying to keep a list of potential candidates...  Monaco Diesel Pushers from 2005-2008 (i.e., original Monaco Coach Corp coaches) that have a bath-and-a-half floorplan (my DW's requirement).  Here's what I have so far:

  • 2006 Diplomat 40DST (my coach)
  • 2005 Windsor 40DST
  • 2007 Dynasty 43 King III
  • 2007 Signature 45 Noble III
  • 2008 Camelot 42DSQ
  • 2008 Dynasty Renaissance IV
  • 2008 Signature Cambridge IV

My "wish list" includes Aquahot and side radiator...  Do y'all know of any others?? Holiday Ramblers, Beavers, and Safaris would all be on my list...

Just curious if I've missed any bath-and-a-half coaches from that time range with aquahot and side radiator...

This group always seems to come up with answers I haven't thought of, so I thought I'd put it out there... 😁 


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The '08 H.R Scepter DSQ also had the bath and half. 

They changed the rear cap / hood design for the '08 Scepter, that allows for much improved engine compartment heat dispersal, which for some reason, The Camelot never got.

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The current fad of bath and half was only getting started in those years. I would only want that feature in a 42’ or longer coach…Dynasty or above. In 08 the YORKSHIRE IV (1 of 2) is a1.5 with the 500 ISM. Even the 08 Sig only had one 1.5 floor plans.

I’ll take my 81” J lounge (laying in it currently) in our 08 Navigator Caspian 1.25 bath over the 72” one in the 1.5 Bismarck any day.

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We have a sink/toilet in the half bath.  The full bath has sink/toilet/shower.  Wouldn't be without it.  I was on the "must have" list.  We didn't look at any coach without the bath and a half.  DW thinks I'm a heathen, therefore I have my own half bath, she lets me use the shower if I behave myself.

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4 hours ago, Ivan K said:

So what does 1.5 bath really mean? Just an additional sink by the toilet OR 2 toilets, 2 sinks and 1 shower/tub? Wonder what do we actually have with just the extra sink.

Additional toilet & sink for a total of 2 toilets, 2 sinks, and in our case a full size tub with shower. 

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9 hours ago, Ivylog said:

I would research the problems with the 2 toilet systems before buying into a bath and half… not one of the nicer things to work on.

Haven't had an issue with mine in the >4 years I've had a coach with two toilets... yet.  My main concern would be if the macerating toilet in the back bathroom failed. I've done enough maintenance on it to know how it works, the routes of the piping, etc.  But it is a mechanical device, so...

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