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Transfer switch

Guest Steven

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I woke up this morning to no power in motorhome. Have power at post. Checked breakers and all good. Smart EMS shows no incoming power. Any suggestions? Possibly transfer switch? Would like to check but do not know the location. Is there a reset on transfer switch?


2004 Windsor 40 DST.

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The transfer switch will be near the place where the shore power cable enters the motorhome.  Probably in a rear compartment.  Someone with a 2004 Windsor could guide you more specifically.   There is not typically a reset switch on a transfer switch.  That said, I don't know which transfer switch you have. If you haven't yet, you should certainly check and re-set all of the breakers in your breaker box.

Unless you're VERY comfortable with electrical work, I suggest great caution about opening the transfer switch to check it.  All power sources must be off, battery disconnects disconnected and shore power disconnected.


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Generally, the Smart EMS is installed between the power post and the transfer switch.  If it shows no power, then the transfer switch isn't likely the problem. You either are not getting power to the EMS, (power at the pedestal, connection on the cable, cable itself, etc.) or the EMS itself had shut shown the power.

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Steven, you probably should start your own thread.  

Monaco used Sanden A/C compressors on Cummins engines.  For what its worth ours is a Sanden U4756.  Also, check your coach model number as Monaco did not manufacture a 42' Windsor.  

If you have the Monaco recreational vehicle data card it will list you compressor model number.  

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2 hours ago, Steven said:

If the EMS has shut down the power, is there a way to restore or reset it?

If you are talking the Smart EMS Surge Protector (like a Progressive EMS) that should be located near the transfer switch.  I don't think that Windsor's had a load shedding EMS which would shed loads on 30 Amp Service.  If the Smart EMS Surge Protector shut down it's because the incoming voltage is outside of parameters (too high, too low, bad neutral, etc.) and self-checks for the condition to come back into tolerance for a few minutes and then clears itself and passes the good power on to the transfer switch.  There is nothing you have to do to clear it, other than maybe call the park and tell them their power is out of tolerance.  It would be good to check that you have power into that EMS and then none out of the EMS, and check the voltages on both legs where it comes into the EMS.  If the voltages are good, possibly your EMS is bad.  But check to make sure the incoming power is good before you replace it.  Since all was good last night, it's most likely the Park has a problem, but you can check that at the pedestal.  

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Windsor's did come with the Intellitec EMS Load Shedding System, at least mine did.

However, people when posting need to identify what they are referring to. Whether they have some sort of EMS system (aka Progressive Industries or Southwire or Hughes Power Watchdog which are three suppliers that come to mind) that monitors the incoming power to their coach which is generally installed prior to the transfer switch OR are they posting in regards to the Intellitec EMS Load Shedding System.

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