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Windshield Wiper trouble

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2006 36' Monaco Cayman

Both wipers swipe across the windshield. The drivers side wiper seems to lose control and keeps traveling beyond its normal stopping point. It goes beyond the curvature of the glass and hits the rearview mirror arm where it gets stuck. This causes the passenger side to stop swiping.

I am wondering if the bolt/ post to which the drivers side wiper is attached is faulty and allows the wiper to overtravel? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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I had the same issue with my 2006 Dip. The spring in the arm that holds the blade to the windshield had lost just a bit of tension over time. I ended up replacing the arm and all was well. 

My wipers were made by AM Equipment, and the helped me find an exact replacement. 


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The two wiper suppliers I am aware of that Monaco used was AM Equipment that Scotty gave a link to and Wiper Technologies .  Look at the wiper motor, if it has a "Monaco Kit Number" on it then it is Wiper Technologies.  A phone call to them, 833-947-3771, will get you the exact part numbers needed and avoid duplicating any wrong parts installed by a previous owner.  The supplier that Dr4Film gave you is a great site to get a variety of RV parts if you know exactly what you need.  Wiper Technologies pricing for the 36" BA900V blades is $20.52 plus shipping which is much better than RV & Marine.

Torque value seems to be fluid.  I was told 35 ft lb when I bought the arms.  Today was told 50 ft lbs.  I guess if they move increase the torque until they don't.

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