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Replacing Air Bags Take-aways

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Replacing the air bags in an RV  

Because of aging and cracks, I decided to (try) to replace my air bags. I replaced 5 of my 10 air bags on my 2001 Monaco Dynasty 40 Queen (10 air bags because I have a tag axle) the past couple weeks (had to work around my son’s schedule).

Here are some take-a-ways:

1.      I chose to remove the wheels to gain better access to the air bags. To do this you will need a 1-inch impact wrench in order to get the lug nuts off of the wheels. Nothing smaller even comes close to moving the lug nuts.

2.      You will need a big jack to lift the RV. I used a couple 20 ton jacks I already had and they did the job fine.

3.      I used one jack under the axle and one between the two frame supports (to raise and lower the frame to gain better access to the air bags to get them in, and out.

4.      I would replace the air line 90-degree connectors with ones that are 90-degree but also swivel, it will make it so much easier to re-install.

5.      In the rear, the rear air bag was not too bad to gain access to, the other rear (front) was a bear because all the nuts are behind the frame supports. You have to rear around the frame parts to feel for everything and trying to turn wrenches is very hard.

6.      After looking at the tag axle air bags I decided they were both in the “too hard” category. Not only do you have to get up inside the transmission cage, but the air bags are up high and the nuts are behind a support beam. I will carry a couple spare air bags and if, in the future, I have an issue with them I will let someone else replace them.

7.      In the front I replaced the drivers front air bag. After looking at the drivers front (but rear) and both passenger’s side air bags I decided they are all in the “too hard” category. And, like I said about the tag axle air bags, I decided if I have an issue, I’ll let someone else replace them.

8.      While under the coach I looked for air leaks but did not locate any, although I do lose pressure in the air system over night (or at least my dash air gauges go to zero overnight).

9.      It took about 4-5 hours for my son and I to replace just 2 rear air bags.

10.   I also replaced my air dryer filter located in the rear driver’s side up high behind the rear tag axle.

11.   I tried to remember to take pictures and will post any that I think that add value.

12.   Feel free to ask questions.







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