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Mystery Circuit Breaker


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Hi All,

Hopefully somebody can tell me what the circuit breaker in my house battery bay is for. See attached wiring diagram. 2003 Dynasty.

I found it on the wiring diagram, but it doesn't say what it's for or what it connects to. This is a klixon circuit breaker that is attached to a battery pass-through post BEFORE the battery isolation switch. 

Anybody know what this is for?



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No, this is not solar. The diagram also shows temp sensors for the inverter and solar controller over on the right. 

My red highlights covered up some detail on the diagram. The diagram shows two wires going out that area. One is the "8ga Red to Solar Controller" labeled on the diagram, with a fuse also attached to the same pass-through bolt. 

The wire and circuit breaker I'm asking about is a big 2ga cable that is not labeled on the diagram. 



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