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Head Lights

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23 minutes ago, rvendramin said:

Has anyone changed out the head lights? The whole light. Old ones are faded. I have the new ones already. Thanks Rich

I have on my 2006 Diplomat. It was relatively easy.  Like 6-8 screws holding brackets to coach. I went in through the genny slide and was able to access them easily.

Looking at pics of your coach, you have different headlights, but as long as your have room to get behind them the process should be similar.  

The only thing that hung me up was that intuitively, you would think the headlights slide in from behind, but mine actually went out (and in) from the front. 

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I did about four years ago. My OEM headlights weren’t faded, but were totally ineffective for night driving. Monaco used knock-off headlights that match up to headlights used by Ford, in my case. As you can see, they weren’t cheap. Plus I had to take the coach to an auto electrical shop for the install, after I failed to get it right. That cost me another $250. I don’t drive much at night but if I have to, I’m confident I have good visibility. Plus the new headlights give the coach a more modern look. 





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