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Smartwheel, slip ring, or clock spring

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2003 Monaco Dynasty 94,000 mi.

Looking for info on where to get steering wheel slip ring or clock spring.  Not exactly sure which one I have yet.

I encountered a smartwheel horn, wiper glitch and will need to do update some parts.

I know where to get a new control board looking for the other parts of the system?



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If your controls are lighted, you have a clock spring. Last I looked, it was pretty expensive for what it is but someone was successful replacing it by one for $10-20 from Volkswagen. That's what I would do, and upgrade from the current slip ring in ours.

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I HAD similar issues, the following were successful corrections. thee is a 4 pin connector near the base of the steering column, use electrical spray cleaner, next remove ALL the connections to the control box in the FRB and clean thoroughly.

Corrected my problem. 

Note on the 4 pin connector, 2 wires provide power to light the functions the other 2 are to the control all the functions. Windshield wipers, horn, flash lights exterior, and cruise control, interesting.

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Here is a parts page for my Steering column, it is a Douglas Autotech.  Also attached is a bulletin showing how to replace if it get to that point.  Veurinks shows this based on the parts page #,   https://shop.findmyrvparts.com/clock-spring-kit-motorhome-monaco-16616943-1900043-p/190063.htm

There are some trouble shooting steps you could do to confirm the problem, VIP Smarthwheel has a good trouble shooting guide. 

1 Steering Colunm Assembly.pdf D10106 Clock spring bulletins.pdf

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Had same smartwheel issues with  suddenly no horn; cruise, wipers. Fix- disconnected the control module in the outside electrical compartment on the drivers side, removed it and re-soldered cold joints on the back of the circuit board, now everything works again, correctly.

2004 Monaco Signature 45’ Castle III


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