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Towed Vehicle Windshield Pitting

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I'm not aware of any buffing that's practical for windshields. I use Wash-Wax All on mine, the same stuff I use on the rest of the motorhome. It's kind of like waxing your windshield and it helps some. Just wash your windshield with it and buff it with a clean towel. You won't need RainX either.

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Yes, there is a specific buffing compound for glass to remove scratches. Very messy and time consuming. You should tape off and use plastic because it can discolor vehicle paint and the deeper the scratches the longer you're at it. Kind of expensive also.

I've done 2 wind shields and it wasn't fun but it does work if you are willing to put the time/effort into it. It also improves wiper performance.

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Windshields are fairly inexpensive? Our insurance allows a windscreen every few years I believe. 

Anyway, practice on some sea glass if you want. I would imagine is kinda a losing proposition as far as putting a value on your time. You might looking into some temporary vinyl wrap, or window clings? I’ve seen some snow/Ice shields but don’t know if they are speed rated.



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