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Tag axel seal leak?


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Today at the camp ground, I noticed there is oil that has leaked around the bolts on the driver's side tag axel and rim of my 2002 Signature.  Is this a sign of a seal that is failing?  I supposedly had the oil level checked by a repair shop before we left on trip as part of the pre-trip maintenance. From what I remember from reading the coach manual, the cap can be removed to check the oil level.  What to look for and what to do about it?


John J.





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I have the exact same amount of oil. You can pull the chrome piece off and your tag hub seal will be visible. 

Mine had a clear window on it as attached. More than likely the center rubber grommet dried out or was pulled out and didnt seat properly. When you take the cover off youll see where its leaking. Don't over fill it. If you see it by the full line it's perfect. 

Also that plastic is very britle over time. If and when you replace grommet push gently or you'll push right thru the plastic.  😆 

All providing its oil filled... lol



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After checking the condition of the rubber cap plug and drain seal it they aren't leaking Lucas Oil Co. makes a hub oil that stops leaks, 32oz bottle is p/n 10088. It works and I wouldn't use anything else. I think I went through 2- 2 1/2 bottles when I changed my oil. When you fill it you have let it sit and recheck it as it takes a little while to flow and fill all the voids. Hope this helps

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3 hours ago, Frank McElroy said:

A few years ago I also had a problem with the tag hub leaking as show in your picture.  Solved it by simply retorquing the end cover bolts on the tag hub.

Thanks Frank. 

Do you remember what the torque should be?  When I checked  the oil level it was just above the add mark so I filled it back to the full mark with Lucas Hub Oil. We drove for two hours yesterday and it didn’t show any leakage so far. 

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