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Brake parts?

David M

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Good morning folks,

I have a 2002 Monaco Dynasty. I am stuck in Provo, Utah. The reason I'm stuck is because I am in need of brake rotors, brake pads, and bearing seals for the front and one seal for the rear. I have folks from Rush Truck Center trying to locate parts and they are not having much success. If anyone has a suggestion where to look or the name of an after market company that might have these parts would be very helpful. I contacted Dana Corp. and was emailed some part numbers, they were not for the parts I need to replace. It seems that motorhomes and especially ones that are no longer manufactured are not at the top of the list of what people want to service. Ant help would be greatly appreciated.




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In the early 2000's I toured both Roadmaster plants located in Oregon and Indiana.  Roadmaster used complete front axle assemblies manufactured in Dana axle plants.  

Your 2002 coach is two decades old.  I would say that there are not many 2002 Monaco Dynasty's left today especially one's in need of front axle parts.  Inventory is a huge expense for any business.  Therefore finding replacement parts is a challenge.  

I would give Scott Zimmer of Source Manufacturing a call.  541-935-0308  If anyone can point you in a direction, he can.  

Good luck,

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Here is what I got and it's from this forums.

 Bill D's Monacoers.org Page 16 2/3/2020 air disk - Dana Axle 04 Windsor Caliber, Haldex PN is K022919 05 Exec cross this number to a Bendix ADB22X Rotor Disk, Bendix PN is 977699 may also apply to other years Disk Pads, Bendix PN is 328863 Two per kit( 1 wheel only) and models. Seal, Chicago Rawhide PN CR35058 For use with Dana Axle E-1462W1462BN202-1 Axle SN HU00340643

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Start researching parts for the ADB1560 brake system.  This is what my 2003 took.  The rotors are the difficult piece to this puzzle.  The shop is going to have to take one off to get the part numbers off to cross reference.  I hope this helps.

Book will show a left & right caliper.  Monaco used same part & just flipped it on mine.  Pads were easiest to find

Good luck.  Here is my info I used to search from numbers on my coach parts

obsolete Meritor but have narrowed it down to:  A1 or A2 - 3263M1157’s  - it depends on the number stamped on the end of the shaft on the slack adjuster.  To note (it could be L or R BUT one can be used for both.  I doubt I’ll need calipers and since pads are common I’ve stopped looking).

brake pads are: KIT15616(single) / 15626PM (set)

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