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HDTV & cell boosters


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2003 Dynasty…

When inside coach, our cell signal keeps falling off.  Need to hunker near windows.  Has anyone tried cell boosters?  Are they “Mimo” type?

what HDTV Antenna have you upgraded to?

looking at winegard products but haven’t made a decision.



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I changed my antenna to the King Omnipro. Not sure it's really an "upgrade" per say. There's a lot of misinformation out there on antennas and whether or not they need to be an HDTV one in particular. I just wanted omnidirectional. Less setup that way. 

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Lots of pointless marketing hype about HDTV antenna. The signal does not care, its all about gain needed to get enough signal strength down to the TV. Amplified directional is for me because we often stay far from civilization. Omni has less gain but is simple for use where you got good signal from multiple directions. We use batwing with those extra elements for UHF. I have mixed experiences with cell boosters. Have one but hardly helps where we go. Also may depend whether you want it for voice or data. I think Scotty got it figured out with his new complex MIMO system.

Besides the point but I found that my Mobley mounted on a pole right behind a directional wideband Wilson antenna gives me better chance than the booster when it comes to data. (While still on waitlist for starlink)

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I have a weBoost Drive with the antenna mounted to the TV antenna mast. It definitely helps when signals are marginal. It can mean the difference between making a call or text or not. I also have a wifi repeater with an antenna on the TV antenna mast and it has been helpful over the years. And finally a Netgear Nighthawk M1 router as a mobile hot spot.

Then came Starklink and it made all the other equipment just about obsolete. We were never big into TV when we travel but If you can get by with streaming all your TV you're all set. And cost wise I have less money in the Starlink than all of that other equipment.

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