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Valid Levelling Manifold Valve Part

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Wow!  You're getting in deep already.  Our Executive had the Power Gear/Valid leveling system but it worked well so I didn't have to worry.  

Are they available from Power Gear but just expensive, or has Lippert dropped these parts?

What does Newell say or are they the last resort?

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Vito, We are all using the same parts with the Valid system.  The basic problems you run into once you enter the manifold are dirt on the valve, that rubbery sealing surface leaking, contamination hindering valve movement or bad electrical coils.  Coils are easily available and dirt can be cleaned but the rubbery surface that contacts the seat eventually leaks,  KIP makes these parts for Valid and possibly makes rebuild kits.  It would be nice if we could find that part number.  A typical rebuild kit is $10-$20 vs a lot.  Everyone who has that system would benefit by replacing all of those valve seats that are seeping just a little.  I have 12 valves, not a big deal, but if we can find a repair kit it would help many.

Newell has the best phone customer service I have seen, very similar to the original Monaco support, but I already know what they will say about this.


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When I went to posts this morning, the first time I tried adding picture, it kept saying “Downloading,” then I tried again and picture was “Queued.” So I texted Jim to let him know these are available and should be the correct ones.  When Jim returns to town we will verify these are correct.

These come from my car wash equipment supplier.







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Harry was invaluable, once again!  The part number he suggested has the proper nipple, I ordered a bunch of KIP SKPA38 from Kleen-Rite.  I removed the nipple with my fingernails and used a punch to drive out the old brittle nipples.  I replaced all 12 in a couple of hours.  The "O" ring is size 019 and the solenoid coil is HydraForce 4301512.

Valid Nipple.JPG

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