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Aqua Hot Fuel filter of choice?


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I purchased our coach a year and a half ago, it had been serviced just prior to our purchase and it has a spin on fuel filter without the clear bowl for the Aqua Hot, so I’m just wondering if you folks are using a spin on filter without the see-through bowl or if you prefer the original filter with the see-through bowl? 

 Also as a side question, how many hours are on your Aqua Hot?       Just curious…….



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I have the clear bowel below the filter but never ever was water or trash in it. I changed the filter after 5 years just because it felt overdue but did not really have to. We are no fultimers but spend months at a time in the rig and approaching 200k miles so it got plenty of use.

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I did a full service on my Aqua hot in July,new exhaust chamber, fuel nozzle,whole new wiring harness ,new exhaust pipe,Yesterday I put new fuel line clamps (fuel injection line clamps) not gear style on the lines at the unit and at the fuel filter. I still have the bowl type filter,lt is clean like it was brand new,I always carry a spare fuel nozzle and regular spin on filter.

I don't think there is any wrong answer here,if a person was to purchase fuel at the correct locations,use a reputable conditioner you really should not have any problems. The bowl is nice if you would like to see what you have been purchasing for fuel ,fuel from the bowl supposed to go into another container when you drain it but you know how that goes, I have a few absorbent fuel pads to put on the ground.

I have 120 000 miles,since I have owned it probably not more than 200 hours on the unit. 


1999 Signature ceaser 

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AquaHot used both Racor and General fuel filters. We have a Racor with the sight glass, but I think the General filter didn’t have one. I’m not sure if Monaco used the AquaHot filter or put what they wanted to use on at build time.

Like others, I’ve never had any debris or water in the AquaHot bowl in almost 17 years. I change the AquaHot filter when I do all the others, which these days is roughly every other year.

I don’t think there is an issue with using a fuel filter without a bowl in that location. I’m always worried about breaking the bowl when changing the filter, as plastic things sometimes get brittle with age. In fact, I did that with my engine’s primary fuel filter, changing from a Racor S3226P to a Fleetguard FS19932.

You can get a cross reference online if you want to change brands, although Baldwin is decent. I had switched to Donaldson filters years ago at Bill D’s recommendation, but those seem harder to find (or afford if you can find them) these days. I’ve been using LuberFiner filters in several spots with good results.

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Depending on the filter, they are engine fuel filters good for 50+ gallons/hour on a system that has a 0.35 gallons/hour nozzle and yet people change them every year. In the 14 years I had a 100 in our 04 Dynasty I changed the nozzle 3 times and the filter once… nozzle by the sniff test and filter because it’d been 8 years. It did have a clear base which did show some discoloration in the filter.

Your comfort level may be different… different strokes for ……..

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