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Driver side motorized shade not working 2008 Monaco Cayman

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On mine the wires were ran up into the ceiling above the dash, the connectors were accessible by pulling the wire out. 

If yours is the same way you can test the shade by pulling the wires out, taking loose and applying power.  If good the shade would go up or down, the motor is reversible by swapping wires.  I had to test mine before reinstalling so I got the direction right. 

Again, mine are Sun Visor by Colorado. 

Attached is the replacement motor I got, the new one is smaller then original but fit into the plastic case and had the same 50 RPM.  Seems to work fine.  I bought off of Amazon. 

Sun Visor comparison.jpg

Sun Visor Motor.jpg

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Whenever trouble shooting an electrical circuit always start at the power source. Is there power to the switch ? Yes. Is there power after the switch when depressed ? No. The switch is bad. If yes then go to the motor.

Just last week I had a customer come in with two brand new motors for his front shades. He said " I need the motors replaced ". He got real testy when I said we would check the switch first before doing anything else. He swore up and down that the motors were bad. I refused to listen. Turned out it was the switch. Never assume the worst. Always start with the simple stupid stuff first. If I had listened to the customer I would have had the motors replaced by my techs and he would have had a hefty labor bill.

If you have a pain in your kidney and go to the Doctor do you want him to test to see if it is a kidney infection or just cut you open and remove your kidney ? Same applies with many components on your coach. 🙂

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On my 2003 Dynasty the shades switch directions when the switch is depressed.  One time when the switch is pressed the shade will go up and the next time the switch is pressed the same direction the shade will go down.  I can't quite get my head around how that happens.  

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X2 on checking the simple stuff first.  A mulitmeter is your friend.

When I had trouble with my shade I tested and had power but the thing wouldn't move.  When I took it down it was clear what was wrong, the motor got so hot it melted the plastic mount that it was attached to.  Luckily I was able to pry it off/out of the mount and somewhere found a lead for a source of a new motor.  Carefree doesn't support that model of sun visor so the one I posted is aftermarket.  

My guess is that my wife stacked something on her passenger side console and the button was pressed causing the motor to overheat but the fuse didn't blow.   We  did have the fuse blow once when both of us were trying to move the passenger side shade, so not sure why it didn't blow this time. 

FWIW she started to get in the habit of staking things on drivers side console and steering wheel.  Had a problem with something and told her no more stacking stuff on any of the consoles. 

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