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Xantrex Inverter Questions - 2005 Navigator???


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15 minutes ago, JDCrow said:

Call me stupid, 5 second video with no sound is all that tells me.


zoomed in says absorption? Flashing lights mean a fault code is logged?

Just wondering if the light sequence should be telling me something??

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8 hours ago, Rboss22 said:

What does this tell an educated owner?


Richard suggested a Hard Restart.  I would NOT do that until I was able to understand exactly "what is happening and if there is a code or lights that advise a fault condition" 

I don't know exactly what the Xantrex manual says....  BUT, reading the manual and looking at the "Trouble Shooting" as well as the description of the normal operations and screens and such would also be advised.  Describing the situation, as the video did not give me sufficient information would help. 

We need more factual information in order to assist....or consult the manual (or download it) or call Xantrex tech support.

Let us know...

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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to Xantrex Inverter Questions - 2005 Navigator???

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