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Tank Sensors

Doug, W5WTX
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Can someone in the community tell me if the original OEM installed Fresh, Grey and Black tank sensor wiring goes directly from the sensor to the Aladdin or does it route through an Intelect module?  I’m not finding wiring info in my drawing set  

My fresh water sensor is showing a Raw count of 1253 regardless if the tank is full, empty or the wire disconnected from the sensor.  So I suspect a wiring issue rather than a bad sensor.  Although, I won’t rule out the sensor  

my rig is a 2006 Monaco Dynasty Platinum IV.


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You might want to try cleaning the RJ-11 plugs to see if that helps.  I found a junction box in the main basement just above the plywood ceiling cover.  It was next to the solar charge controller.  Some of the coaches have one in the dash on the passenger side.  

Have you replaced the sensors in the last few years?  If not, it probably needs new sensors anyway.  

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On the Aladdin in 2006 the wiring from the senders go to a Tank Interface module, which will be mounting on the ceiling of either the 2nd or third bay behind the fuel bay.  You may need to remove the ceiling panel in the bay??  The easiest way to check the senders, is to once you find the Tank Interface Module, swap the gray tank and black tank  RJ-11 plugs and see on the Aladdin display if the problem travels with the wire switch.  This should lead you to if it is the harness or sender.   I would suspect the sender????  I have attached a picture on the Tank Interface Module.

FYI-If it is the harness with RJ-11 plugs on each end, I am not sure if that is straight thru wiring on cross wiring.  You should be able to see by inspecting each end of the plug.  If it comes down to the Tank Interface Module, I have one that you could have for shipping costs.



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The TECH on the "My RV Works, Inc." youtube page has recently posted a GREAT video explanation of how those things actually work and how to trouble shoot them.

Evidently it is more than getting poop and paper dried on the sensors

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27 minutes ago, vito.a said:

I couldn't find anything on the Aladdin system from My RV Works but there is a very good YouTube video from AZ RV Expert.


There were a few interesting parts of this view not explained. 

Looking closely, the old gray and black pressure transducer sensors were not mounted directly to the side of the tank like the fresh water tank but mounted on top of right angle street ell fittings. 

Back many years ago Bill Groves (RIP) made a post on the old Yahoo Monacoers web site that mounting Grey and Black tank sensors on top of a right angle street ell fitting should lesson the direct debris build up on the sensors and in effect make them last longer.  Seemed very logical but not sure if this was proven over time to extend sensor life.  (Bill passed before he could evaluate long term sensor life.)

It looks like the person who last changed the sensors before this video might have picked up on Bill's suggestion.  This video shows the grey and black sensors changed back to the Monaco OEM installation without the right angle street ell fittings. 

If I had this system, I would be inclined to mount the new pressure sensor on top of a street ell fitting to minimize direct contact of debris in the black and wet tank from sitting on the pressure transducer sensor.

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Our 2007 Executive had elbows (I believe from the factory) but our 2004 Signature does not.  I thought about fabricating screens to help.  

When the pressure transducers were only $30, I just changed them every few years.  Now they are over $80 each.  

Aladdin Tank Sensor 16622728 - Northwest RV Supply (nwrvsupply.com)

Slightly cheaper here:  CATCON Products |RV Products

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