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Awning Idiocy

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The spring loaded aliminum round thingies pull out to let you extend the rods, these are your knobs. Yes, it is all manual but I like the adjustability when the sun shines from the side. I just happen to wash the rig from desert dust and plan to open it up when the winds dies off so I could take a close up pic. I suppose there could be some confusion about the black coated hooks, they hook all the way up into the aluminum cover. Most of the time I don't even deploy them.

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You should have a hooked rod in your storage.  It has 2 purposes.  If you look at the ends of your awning there will be a locking hook at each end.  You need to pull down with the hook to release the locks.  These keep the awning closed while driving...  Once the locks are released you should also see a pull tab in the middle of the awning which you then pull this will bring the awning down.  The bottom arm on the sides has a knob which you then loosen and pull to lengthen the awning extension.  When you are extended fully or not relock these knobs (one on each end).  Then go to the opposite end of the same rod and you will see a short 2foot rod attached to the coach.  There are pull locks on the extended rod which allows you to move the extension rods upward which raises the awning as well.  If you can't see the awning pull tab when you start it has become tangled inside the rolled up awning or possibly gone missing.  Please see attachment of our old coach deployed...RVatReesesCornersJuly13.thumb.JPG.8e8ba45f6e000964d80332d14009b695.JPG

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Guest Ray Davis
11 minutes ago, 96 EVO said:

My previous MH had a manual awning.

Had to re-learn at the beginning of each season, how to deploy it  🤔!

Not anymore     I still do and mine is a button on a remote.  🤥 lol

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I love the quality and simplicity of the manual Zip-Dee Awnings. My 1992 Airstream motorhome had them. The Windsor came with manual Carefree awnings and many times I threaten to remove all of them and install the Zip-Dee.

I now have electric Girard which come with their own set of problems.

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