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Upgrade for sorry headlights.


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I still drive at night and sorry headlights seem to be the norm on Monacos. I installed led bulbs knowing they wouldn’t increase the sight distance… wanted to decrease the amps through the VIP smart wheel controller. 
Experimented with 4 different led spotlights and the cheapest ones (EBay) were definitely the best plus they were the only ones adjustable in all 3 axis… needed for mounting on the curved front cap. Mounted them next to the mirror mounts at the max legal height of 55”. 
Added the old style foot switch to turn them on/off. The increased sight distance. It was substantial when I tested them on the front of my SUV which has good HID headlights.

After driving 8+ hours at night I’m very happy with how much better I can see. Took several tries at adjusting them but no one flashed me even in construction zones of only 2 lanes. 1st picture is the led spot lights I mounted., 3rd led spot lights on  (taken shortly after  lower picture), and 2nd is where I mounted them… high as legal so I could angle them down. 1st picture is current listing on EBay.




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The lower to the ground the more likely you’ll bling oncoming traffic. By mounting as high as legal you get a better down angle. I was a little surprised I didn’t have to turn them off as no one in 8 hours flashed me, even in right hand turns or construction zones.

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Nice job!  I'm very hesitant to travel at night with our stock headlights, so would like to install these on our RV.

Could you please post a photo showing how the light is mounted to the RV front cap?   I'm having a hard time imaging how you can adjust the spot light in both the X and Y axis using the bracket that is included with the light.

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Yes, you need lights that are adjustable in all 3 axis because of the curved front cap. Of the several different spotlights I tried on the front of my SUV, these are the only ones with 3 adjustments, the cheapest price and a really good “spot” light.

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Good TOPIC.  GOOD INFORMATION.  Sort of a "HEY....we have a simple solution" topic.  Just for information.  Many of us have a Headlight assembly that was never made nor intended to be upgraded to any type of aftermarket LED or HID light.  For those who can crawl under and pop out a bulb and then upgrade and have clearance and the LED's work.  THANK SOMEONE.  I have NO idea where else the 2008 (I think...2009 for sure) Camelot OEM lights were used on.  BUT, the bulbs, as best I can see without pulling the entire assembly are sort of "BURIED" in the rear of the housing.  I have done at least 5 or more LED upgrades for my vehicles, families or friends.  They were simple.  Untwist bulb....disconnect bulb, reconnect to LED, TEST...the insert and twist to lock. Those reflectors have nothing behind them. In the Camelots, the reflectors are then semi encapsulated by a large housing.  I will leave it to those that have had to replace a bulb to comment and I may have just "overlooked" the simplicity.

The issue in the past, when headlights and upgrades were discussed and a LOT of great information was provided...was the "assumption" that all the Monaco Headlight Assemblies were the simple kind....and then many members ordered replacements and then got under and OMG, this ain't gonna work.

Due to the rapid growth of this site...and the wealth of knowledge, it is a great resource.  BUT, the inconsistency or perhaps the constant changing of things by Monaco is a challenge.  Therefore, if this topic morphs into info on how to upgrade an existing headlight and information....that is GREAT.  We always learn.  BUT, for the individual that is doing it....make sure you do your homework....and for those providing the information....bare in mind that the headlight assemble that was a piece of cake....may be on the MH that has one of the "I'll add NEW lights..."

I really decided a long time ago....that night driving with the Monaco headlights in the Camelot was a major accident waiting to happen.  I have good eyes for my advanced age....  I have great headlights in my fleet.  My kids told me that trading my C5 Vette for a C7 was false economy as Uber or Lyft would drive me around at night.  LOL....they were trying to protect their presumed inheriatance.

Keep on posting upgrades and such....I have seen several rigs that had two sets of light bars...one for "LOW" beams and one for High.  BOTH OF THEM ON looked like a UAP landing...

Thanks for understanding the intent of this post....

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