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2007 Dynasty headlight replacement


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Could you clarify if you want to replace the complete light fitting and lamps or only the lamps?

On my coach, I replaced the lamps with LED lamps and had a great improvement.

There have been many threads discussing the headlight units. It comes down to getting the dot code molded into the units you currently have and then finding a replacement.

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If you can't find the code you have to know what they were designed for (ie 2001 Lincoln LS for 2003 Endeavor). 

On our coach the previous owner replaced the headlight assemblies with units from TYC.  THEN he installed LED bulbs.  The problem with LEDs is they don't illuminate with the same pattern as OEM halogen bulbs, so I had to really play with the LED fitting in the housing and aiming.  And it's a compromise between high and low beams.  What's acceptable on low beam might be crazy into the trees on high beam.  It was more voodoo than engineering but I have them half decent for night driving. 

If you really want to get creative you can take an assembly pair, carve them up and install projector bulbs.  There's YouTube videos on it.  It's not for the faint of heart.  Maybe start with a throwaway pair if you can find them. 

In my old coach I had HIDs replacing the OEM bulbs.  I had plenty of light but so did everyone else (along with the ditches, trees, oncoming traffic).  Low beams were good enough to see a shadowy tire gator in time to change lanes.  High beams really lit things up but could only be used with no traffic.  I wouldn't recommend trying HIDs. 

If your lenses are clouded you can try having them resurfaced.  It might not give you the brightness you're looking for. 

Good luck in your search.

- bob

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The headlights you have are from an “automotive” vehicle.  Read the DOT NUMBER.  Monaco would buy a headlight that the “designers” liked or saw on a vehicle.  Then make the front cap mold to use or fit them in.  There are scads of sites as well as Amazon that sell replacements.

If you have “hazing” issues, the simple trick is spray a little OFF DEEPWOODS (high % DEET) on them or on a cloth. That is a plasticizer solvent.  It removes the surface ozidation causes by UV damage.  Then clean or gst rid of streaks with ScratchX (Ii?) that is sold in the wax section of AutoZone.  Order a spray bottle of AEROSPACE 303 UV protectant from Amazon and spray and wipe off.  That protectant will last 2 months or so.  Recoat when the lens are still shiny.  That works.

Next UP.  Unless there was a market for a “custom made” headlight replacement for the car or truck that Monaco used, then, the only option is an LED upgrade.  Many have done it.  Buy the most popular upgrade on Amazon.  Once you find out the model and year of the vehicle yours came from, then go toAmazon and shop there.  You CAN go to a high end collision shop.  Ask them what brand or which distributor they buy new headlights from. Typically, no one orders the OEM from Ford or GM or whomever…..these shops usually have a higher quality level than the scads of Amazon.  BUT….every once and a while, they buy the same brand. DEPOT is one that many shops buy and they are on Amazon.

DO NOT BUY ANY REPLACEMENT that is NOT DOT certified or does NOT have the DOT number molded in.  These are cheap knock offs and fail quickly.

Get under and look.  SOME of the Monaco’s…my Camelot, have a almost totally contained rear housing.  It take a thing fingered Charles Atlas to remove and replace them.  You will need extra clearance behind EVERY BULB to do a LED conversion…..the bulbs are longer as they have to have a heat sink to protrude.  Mine can’t be upgraded.  I have upgraded a lot of vehicles for friends.  As long as the bulbs come out and you have room, they work.  Mine won’t physically allow the LED bulbs to fit inside.

The OTHER fix is a LED Light bar.  Some folks have put on TWO.  A Low beam and a high beam…

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If the cover of the lights are fogged, spray them with WD-40 before driving at night. A light mist and rubbing for 15 seconds with a paper towel has amazing results and will last for several weeks.

Most LED bulbs do not focas the light as well as the original halogens because of the small size of the filament. Buy some similar to the 1st picture.

If replacing the entire unit, I would pass on the $80 ones and go for the $325 projection units. Being cheap I add a pair of LED spotlights that were a huge improvement. 





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27 minutes ago, dstanton95 said:

If they are fogged over I used Meguiars Mag and Aluminum polish. It seemed to work pretty good.

The most popular remedy here and I have had great results and it is easy.  Use a high concentration of DEET insect repellant.  Off Deep Woods works best. Spray on a soft rag and rub over the clear lens.  It is a plasticizer and removes the oxidized haze or “brown” residue.  Eventually you will get the “art” of a streak free wiping.  BUT, if there are streaks, you polish with Meguiars Scratch X (II?).  Then apply, liberally, twice, about an hour apart, Aerospace 303 UV protectant.  That last for up to 3 months.  The Aerospace protectant is also great for any plastic seal or rubber on the MH.


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