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luxury vinyl plank flooring installer

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FINALLY I can add something Useful to this forum!  This forum has been very helpful to me over the years and it's about time that I am able to give back.

Maybe 10 years ago I travelled from Gulport MS to Greenville Texas to get the only man in the southeast that would do it....   to remove my carpet and install LVP in it's place.  Actually...I removed the carpet myself at home, dug out all the staples, then drove the coach (at the time I owned a fleetwood discovery) to Greenville for the man named Ernie Ekberg to do the job.  He was talented, patient, and meticulously thorough.  He removed the furniture and did his thing - - WOW we loved the work,    Fast forward to this year, our 2008 Monaco Camelot 42PDQ had ceramic tile throughout with the exception of the carpeted bedroom and the carpeted slides.  This tile had 16 years worth of wear, travel, dropped hammers etc...    Maybe 4 broken tiles and 3 or 4 tiles coming up.  We decided that we wanted to go with th LVP like we put into our discovery.   There is no subfloor damage anywhere, I am attributing the broken tiles to items tjat we have dropped onto them and the tiles coming up could have been glued back down and grouted if we chose.

I found a guy in Long Beach MS that is a solo operator floor guy.  I talked him into doing mine, he had never done an RV before.  He meticulously removed the firniture and did a fantastic job boxing in the raised box in the back etc.    He did such a good job on my Camelot, that my brother came to town with his Dynasty and got his done too.


I have tried my best to upload photos from my Iphone - - But I cannot seem to get more than this one of my brother's coach to load.     If you want yours done and cant find anyone...   Jason Yeadon 504-563-2172.   It is a New Orleans LA number, but his place is located in Long Beach MS.  Also known as the land mass in between Mobile Alabama & New Orleans La.



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Donflem :  couple of days for my brothers rig.  Over a week for mine HOWEVER-

mine required removal of ceramic/porcelean tile and it was done at my barn in Gulfport Ms.   It wasnnt a rush to finish and Jason did other jobs in between.   

I am sure that if youre from out of town and on a schedule, he would schedule for that and accomodate.

I guess I should have stated in my original post….   Jason is a floor installer by trade…   Hardwood, tile, etc.   

Hey….I managed to get 2 photos of mine loaded!



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Perfect timing - I'm in the market, too.  Could you share pricing for the tile job?  I'm debating putting the LV over my existing tile and ripping out carpet.  My problem is not having a space like you in the area, so it could get tricky.  Thanks for the number - I'm going to reach out and share your rave reviews of his work.

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We recently had all the floor covering replaced in our 2002 Windsor by Allegiant RV in Middlebury, Indiana.  New carpet to bedroom and extended LVP to living area/cockpit.  They did a great job and were great to work with.

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Thanks - I'll look them up, too.  We are definitely removing all carpet and want to be vinyl throughout.

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