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Liteco co-pilot gooseneck light bulb replacement?

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I'd like to replace the bulbs on the two gooseneck lights, one by each front seat. I can't figure how to get the lens off the lamp without possibly breaking it. I'm probably too careful.  Anyone changed out the bulb? Not looking to replace the whole fixture. 


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5 minutes ago, Michael Powell said:

Does anybody have a better replacement option???

Not exactly SURE what you mean by REPLACEMENT OPTION.  Some folk would "kill" to have them installed.  You know, I presume, that you can switch to LED, even higher output if desired.  We don't have a LOT of posts or issues where the fixture or such breaks....or if so, very infrequently.

There are many OPTIONS for adding a reading light....but if there is NOT Power and the switch is inconvenient....BUMMER.  The most common approach is to add one above.  NOW, that depends if it is Passenger or Driver and whether or not there is an overhead compartment with a lower bottom.... easy to add a battery powered LED....maybe not high tech or "smart phone controlled" but more than adequate for the intended use.

Amazon and CW have many options.  check them out...  Amazon...  RV interior light or "flex" or gooseneck might be added.

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